Is your writing style making the right impression on your audience? If your writing is too wordy or overly complicated, your audience may not understand what you’re trying to say. Even worse, they may quit reading after the first sentence! Here’s how you can eliminate wordiness in your business writing. First, write a first draft of […]

Did you ever wonder why the consonants K and G are silent at the beginning of some words? It was not always the case. In Old English, a Germanic language, these letters were pronounced. “Kuh-nee.” “Kuh-nife.” “Guh-nome.” “Guh-nat.” And, if that wasn’t awkward enough, the G and H in the middle of knight were, also, pronounced. “Kuh-ni-guh-hut,” maybe? Whatever the specific […]

Before sending a business email, you have several options for signing off. Keep these three things in mind before you click Send.  Repeat the call to action. Remind the recipient one more time about what you need from him or her. You can say, “I’m looking forward to receiving your feedback.” Or “Let’s plan to chat […]

Email is a fast and easy way to communicate in the business world. But that can sometimes pose a problem: people want to read emails quickly and get to the point immediately. If your email is too long or is unclear, there’s a risk of miscommunication. Here are three tips for writing clear, concise business emails.  […]

In the business world, email has almost completely replaced phone calls and letters as the preferred method of communication. It’s free and it’s fast. Even though it’s more informal, email still needs to be clear, concise, and compelling. Here is how to start off a professional email. Dear Sir or Madam, is used when you want […]

There used to be a lot of difference between business English and the English you spoke in social situations. But as time goes on, the difference between the two decreases because business English is also becoming more casual and less formal. Be Casual Without Using Slang When it comes to writing on the internet or […]

Acronyms are a common way to shorten long phrases into a single word. Each letter stands for one of the original words. You’ve probably heard of OMG for Oh My God and LOL for Laughing Out Loud. But did you know acronyms are also common in the business world? See if you can tell what […]